This is the blog of BrisFest Poppy.

So… colleagues have been suggesting that I blog for a few years now, so retiring the final excuses, here I am now (entertain me).


Lots of people seem to hide behind anonymous blogs but I can’t help feeling that if you believe in something enough to want to publish it online, you should stand up for it, but then again I doubt I’ll get fired for my opinions. So here’s a bit about me to start:

I’m Poppy the main organiser of BrisFest, a music and arts festival in Bristol, and am lucky enough (or unlucky depending on the current stress level) to be paid to do this full time. We’re a registered charity set up to support and promote music, art and culture in Bristol and the Southwest and do this predominantly through staging an annual community festival.

Bristol Festival team pic Aug 08

Bristol Festival team pic Aug 08

We’re not run by the council or in receipt of any large pots of funding; we’re a bunch of local people that came together to ensure the survival of a community festival for the city after the sad demise of Ashton Court Festival in 2007. We’re doing this for a variety of reasons; for some people it’s a love of music, for others it’s a love of Bristol and some volunteers just want to meet people and have fun, but we all share the belief that music and art are important both to personal wellbeing and happiness and to the prosperity of a city and the community that lives within it. We therefore aim to showcase the wealth of cultural activity that takes place in the region, inspire more people to take part and help artists and fellow volunteers achieve their full potential in any way we can. It’s not always easy, in fact it’s a lot more work than anyone could have imagined, but everyone involved works hard to make our 3-day party the best it can be.

Via this blog I’ll aim to tell the story of how we go about this, what we do throughout the year, the ups and downs and the blood, sweat and tears (hopefully of joy!) that go into making the volunteer run 3-day festival a reality.

I’m also involved in other local organisations, including being a trustee for the Bristol Music Trust, a new organisation set up to run the Colston Hall as well as support music in Bristol as a whole, and a member of the Bristol Music Industry Forum. I work for or volunteer with other festivals too including Bloc, Glade, Glastonbury, Shambala, Boomtown Fair, and St Pauls Carnival and used to be a main organiser for the Bristol Vegan Fair, Offload Festival, Recydrate the West as well as helping out at many others. I was brought up a traveller, living on the road as a child and the settling in Bristol, so festivals have always been more of a way of life to me. Having gained a scholarship to Colston Girl’s School as a teenager I then went on to a degree in Interactive Arts in Manchester where I ran a small art gallery. .. so hopefully this blog won’t just be about BrisFest, but a whole range of music, art and festival shenanigans!

If you have any questions or want explanations on anything just leave me a comment and I’ll aim to respond. It gets pretty crazy in the months leading up to the festival so I can’t promise an instant answer but I’ll do my best!

I should also take this moment to point out that this blog is written by me personally, and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Bristol Festival Community Group (organisers of BrisFest) or any other organisation I work or volunteer for. … its just me, rambling on.

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